This Job Has expired
a reputed cement factory

अन्तिम मिति:   2022 May 14

खाली पद : 1 people
स्थान : Kapilvastu Muncipalty, Kapilbastu, Lumbini Province
तलब :
NRs. 15,000.00 - 20,000.00 Monthly
लिङ्ग : पुरुष
शिक्षा :
आवश्यक छैन
कामको श्रेणी : प्रवेश श्रेणी
कामको प्रकार : पुरै समय
सिफ्ट : नियमित
कामको अनुभव
आवश्यक छैन
कागजातहरू : Citizenship , CV

प्राविधिक सीपहरु:

Ability to effectively organize Experience analyzing company needs Proficient using Microsoft Suite

व्यक्तिगत गुणहरू:

communicate effectively with senior management

कार्य मानकहरू:

practical applications in the workplace Extensive knowledge of management theory Experience overseeing yearly training plans

आवश्यक ज्ञान:

Strong understanding of business goals
कामको विवरण
    1. Create a weekly or bi-weekly schedule for employees, bearing in mind holidays and times of high volume for the business

    2. Monitor and supervise the timely arrival of scheduled employees, with aware of unforeseen challenges such as scheduling

    3. Oversee the handling of money and establish accountability by ensuring each register is properly funded with the correct amount of cash and close out each register to ensure all funds are accounted for

    4. Establish tasks for employees to ensure a clean workplace, this includes stocking supplies and maintaining clean restrooms and public spaces

    5. Ensure company goals and objectives are being met by each employee and provide feedback

    6. Actively seek to resolve any concerns while adhering to the company policy and standards of behavior

    7. Ensure proper approval for customer discounts, returns and exchanges while providing customer satisfaction and positive interaction with the company

    8. Oversee and administer tests to ensure employees have a firm understanding of company policy

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