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Sales and Marketing Executive
Trident Manufacturers P. Ltd.
तलब : NRs. 10,000.00 - 35,000.00 Monthly
स्थान : Shankhamul, Kathmandu, Province No. 3
खाली पद : 2
अन्तिम मिति : 2021-10-05 16:44:13
कामको श्रेणी : प्रवेश श्रेणी
सिफ्ट : दिन
कामको प्रकार : पुरै समय

लिङ्ग : प्राथमिकता छैन
उमेर : प्राथमिकता छैन
शिक्षा : Bachelor's Degree (प्राथमिकता)
कामको अनुभव : 4 Years (आवश्यक)
सीपहरु :
Location Knowledge Sales and marketing Communication Market knowledge
व्यक्तिगत गुणहरू :
Good communication s.. Time manage Skill Presentable
कार्य मानकहरू :
sales man Marketing Representa.. Polite Flexibility
आवश्यक ज्ञान :
Must have experience..

दुई पांग्रेको आवश्यकता : हो
सुविधाहरू :
As per Company Agreement Transportation commission Attractive Incentive performance bonus
कागजातहरू : Citizenship , CV
कामको विवरण
  1. Designing and implementing marketing plans for company products.

  2. Manage and monitor sales and marketing team to develop targeted sales strategies and drive sales.

  3. Actively seek out new sales opportunities and potential market dealers/wholesalers through frequent market visit, cold calling, networking, social media channeling, and other sales efforts.

  4. Conduct market research on rival products.

  5. Actively seek out new sales opportunities and potential market dealers/wholesalers.

  6. Report day-to-day marketing tasks and keep tracks of orders and sales generated.

  7. Manage to generate orders and ensure the orders are timely delivered.

  8. Ensure stocks availability and reconciliation of stocks in-out-in transit to dealers/ wholesalers/outlets.

  9. Conduct sales and promotional activities representing the brand and introducing the products to market.

  10. Receive the customer feedbacks and report to concern manager accordingly to implement necessary measures and handle the response in responsible and professional manner.

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