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Delivery Associate
A reputed company

अन्तिम मिति:   2021 Nov 12

खाली पद : 4 people
स्थान : Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Province No. 3
तलब :
NRs. 10,000.00 - 15,000.00 Monthly
लिङ्ग : प्राथमिकता छैन
शिक्षा :
आवश्यक छैन
कामको श्रेणी : प्रवेश श्रेणी
कामको प्रकार : पुरै समय
सिफ्ट : कुनै पनि समय
कामको अनुभव
आवश्यक छैन
दुई पांग्रेको आवश्यकता : Yes
कागजातहरू : Citizenship , CV

प्राविधिक सीपहरु:

Delevery Location Knowledge

व्यक्तिगत गुणहरू:

Good communication skills. Healthy & Fit, Athletes loyal, flexibility Attractive Honest

कार्य मानकहरू:

Marketing Representative Polite Flexibility
कामको विवरण
    1. Loading, transporting, and delivering items to clients or businesses in a safe, timely manner.

    2. Reviewing orders before and after delivery to ensure that orders are complete, the charges are correct, and the customer is satisfied.

    3. Assisting with loading and unloading items from vehicles when required.

    4. Accepting payments for delivered items.

    5. Providing excellent customer service, answering questions, and handling complaints from clients.

    6. Needs to have knowledge about location and routes.

    7. Adhering to assigned routes and following time schedules.

    8. Abiding by all transportation laws and maintaining a safe driving record.

    9. Preparing reports and other documents relating to deliveries.

    10. Software handling, call handling when required

यस समयमा कुनै समान कामहरू उपलब्ध छैन