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Barewa Durbar Hotel
तलब : NRs. 13,000.00 Monthly
स्थान : Kalaiya, Bara, Kalaiya, Province No. 2
खाली पद : 1
अन्तिम मिति : 2022-02-09 17:34:54
कामको श्रेणी : प्रवेश श्रेणी
सिफ्ट : कुनै पनि समय
कामको प्रकार : पुरै समय

लिङ्ग : प्राथमिकता छैन
उमेर : प्राथमिकता छैन
शिक्षा : +2 / Intermediate Pass (आवश्यक)
कामको अनुभव : 1 Years (आवश्यक)
सीपहरु :
Ability to work under pressure

दुई पांग्रेको आवश्यकता : होईन
सुविधाहरू :
Service Charge Meals incentive will disclose in interview Lodging and Fooding Salary can be Negotiable
कामको विवरण
  1. Welcoming customers, answering their questions, helping them locate items, and providing advice or recommendations.

  2. Operating scanners, scales, cash registers, and other electronics.

  3. Balancing the cash register and generating reports for credit and debit sales.

  4. Accepting payments, ensuring all prices and quantities are accurate and proving a receipt to every customer.

  5. Processing refunds and exchanges, resolving complaints.

  6. Bagging or wrapping purchases to ensure safe transport.

  7. Following all store procedures regarding coupons, gift cards, or the purchase of specific items, such as alcohol or cigarettes.

  8. Maintaining a clean workspace.

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