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Area Sales Representative
A Reputed Company
तलब : NRs. 14,500.00 Monthly
स्थान : Butwal, Butwal, Province No. 5
खाली पद : 6
अन्तिम मिति : 2021-08-03 11:13:14
कामको श्रेणी : प्रवेश श्रेणी
सिफ्ट : दिन
कामको प्रकार : पुरै समय

लिङ्ग : प्राथमिकता छैन
उमेर : Below 25
शिक्षा : +2 / Intermediate Pass (आवश्यक)
कामको अनुभव : आवश्यक छैन
सीपहरु :
Sales and marketing Convincing Skills
व्यक्तिगत गुणहरू :
Good communication s.. loyal, flexibility

दुई पांग्रेको आवश्यकता : होईन
सुविधाहरू :
Social security fund Provident Fund
कागजातहरू : Citizenship , CV
कामको विवरण
  1. Assist to Sales Supervisor

  2. Identify and communicate with the prospective corporate clients and/or individuals to explain the services and convince them to take any of our services

  3. Visit, negotiate and deal with the prospective clients and different organizations, continuous follow up with clients for business opportunities

  4. Plan and implement sales strategy, set and meet the sales target

  5. Maximize sales, business development and network to develop new business from existing and new clients

  6. Work closely with concerned authority to consistently improve service

  7. Day to day update and report in the system timely, make further planning and target after the analysis of it

  8. Identify service improvements by remaining updated on current industry trends and market activities

  9. Perform all the activities and reports about the same to the concerned authority timely

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