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A reputed corporate company Governmental
तलब : NRs. 20,000.00 Monthly
स्थान : Shivalaya Jajarkot, Shiwalaya, Karnali, Musikot Rukum, Musikot, Karnali, Banphikot Rukum, Banfikot, Karnali, Thawang Rolpa, Thawang, Province No. 5, Tripura Sundari Dolpa, Tripura Sundari, Province No. 3, Sanni Tibeni Kalikot, Sanni Tribeni, Karnali, Kharpunath Humla, Kharpunath, Karnali, Ghorahi Dang, Ghorahi, Province No. 5, Chandannath Jumla, Chandannath, Karnali, Kamalbazar Achham, Kamalbazar, Sudurpashchim Pradesh, Tribeni Bajura, Tribeni, Province No. 5, Dailekh, Dullu, Karnali, Tikapur Kailali, Tikapur, Sudurpashchim Pradesh
खाली पद : 25
अन्तिम मिति : 2020-12-08 10:05:00
कामको श्रेणी : मध्य श्रेणी
सिफ्ट : दिन
कामको प्रकार : पुरै समय

लिङ्ग : प्राथमिकता छैन
उमेर : प्राथमिकता छैन
शिक्षा : Bachelor's Degree (आवश्यक)
कामको अनुभव : 2 Years (प्राथमिकता)
सीपहरु :
Accountancy Analytical Accounting Packages Problem solving

दुई पांग्रेको आवश्यकता : होईन
सुविधाहरू :
Breakfast Health Insurance SSF Accidental Insurance Daily Allowance Bonus
कामको विवरण
 Co-ordinate with Fund Manager to maintain and update
the fund accounts to reflect the actual status and
conduct reconciliation of accounts.

. Review and verify payment file and documents and
support the local level to strengthen and smoothen the
payment process.

. Provide training to Municipalities/User Committees
(UCs) staff in financial requirements and train them to
comply with necessary templates, process and system
to strengthen the documentation and recordings.

. Provide support to Municipalities/U03 staff on
strengthening their financial and management capacity

. Support in timely release and disbursement of fund in
coordination with Fund Manager, monitor and review
compliance of fund requests and disbursements

. Support to conduct due diligence assessment and
collect the necessary information of the potential sub-
contractors or downstream partners

. Conduct regular spot check and verification

. Support to prepare and implement a pre and post audit
action plan (audit follow-up)

- Collect the lesson learned cases, stories from
Municipalities and U08 & consolidate and prepare
lesson learnt document and report.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience:

. Bachelor’s degree in accounts/ management/ finance

. At least 3 years’ experience of working in government
sector/organisation with knowledge of government
accounting system and practices

. Ability to provide training relating to finance and

. Strong written and oral communication skills in Nepali
and English

. Proficiency in standard software such as Word, Excel,
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